David Craig

president (EXP 2022)





Mindy Nelson 

Vice President (Exp 2022)



Dick Romshek 

Secretary (exp 2022)





Peter Trezoglou

Board Member (exp 2023)







Hecky Heckendorf

Treasurer (exp 2023)








Grand Lake Fire Protection District is considered a Special District of the State and complies with all applicable Colorado Revised Statutes.

Grand Lake Fire Protection District is governed by a five-person, non-partisan board that is elected by registered voters of the District. Board members are elected for four-year terms in alternating election years and are term-limited for no more than two consecutive terms. As a result, there are at least two members elected every two-years. If a Board member vacates their seat, per Colorado Revised Statutes, the remaining Board of Directors appoint the new Board member from interested electors. The appointed Board member serves until the next election.

The Fire Board is charged with diverse responsibilities. Specifically, the Board establishes policy,  approves annual budgets, and hires the Fire Chief.

The Board of Directors adopted the following Code of Conduct on October 14, 2015:

Grand Lake Fire Protection District

Board of Directors Code of Conduct

To ensure a positive and proactive Fire Protection District operating efficiently and effectively and in the best interest of our community we endorse the following code of conduct:

    • We operate at the highest level of integrity as defined by open and honest communication and ethical action.
    • We practice trust with one another and will harbor no hidden agendas
    • We engage in active listening and will demonstrate respect for all opinions. We seek to find the gem of wisdom in everyone’s contribution to the conversation.
    • We all work under the same flag and for the same important community, and as such:
    • We avoid the creation of cliques by keeping Board business in Board Meetings
    • We recognize that the formation of cliques erodes trust and is ultimately counterproduct.
    • We are professionals who plan carefully. We avoid ambush tactics and we work to use the agenda as our vehicle for communicating upcoming topics.
    • New issues are brought up in accordance with the agenda and should include ample time to review content and provide opportunity for discussion.
    • On occasion this may require tabling the issue in order to allow further research prior to including the topic at the next board meeting.
    • We strive to stay on topic, adhere to the agenda, focus on policy and avoid minutia.
    • We recognize that the most effective Board is all-inclusive and everyone is responsible for, and owns the outcome. Furthermore we agree that once a decision has been made, it is the decision of our board and we all actively support the decision.
    • We acknowledge that special district boards are non-partisan and we will avoid letting party politics influence our decision-making.
    • We recognize that we make decisions based upon the best long-term interests of the GLFPD community and department.
    • We honor the need for confidentiality in all respects, including but not limited to matters discussed in executive session, personnel issues and the careful distribution and storage of all documents whether on paper or technology based.
    • We acknowledge that conflict is sometimes a necessary step to achieve results of which we can be proud, but we will disagree without being disagreeable and we will not take matters personally.
    • We will support Title 32 and specifically endorse;
“All governing authority resides with the Board acting as a whole.

*TITLE 32-1-1001(1), TITLE 24-6—402(8)