Election Information

The following relates to the May 3, 2016 Polling Place Election for Grand Lake Fire Board of Directors:

The following are the unofficial election results for Grand Lake Fire. 

2 seats for 4-year terms:

Hayden Burke:  68

Chris Ruske: 101  (winner)

David Craig: 131 (winner)

2 seats for 2-year terms:

Richard Romshek: 139 (winner)

Mindy Nelson: 114 (winner) 

Unofficial means the election results cannot be certified until May 11th which is the deadline to receive the UOCAVA ballots (military overseas personnel).  There are only 4 UOCAVA ballots outstanding, which will not change the election results for winners.

The newly elected board members will be sworn in at the May 11, 2016 Board Meeting.

Cheryl Dale, DEO