Tips on making an emergency exit plan
Draw a floor plan of your home. Mark at least two ways out of every room in the house, including windows.
Discuss the escape routes with everyone in your house.
Agree on a meeting place outside. Pick a place that is easy for everyone to remember. This is important so that you know if everyone is out of the house.
Practice…practice…practice! Run fire drills at least twice per year, get good at it. Seconds count!
Pretend that some of your exits are blocked by fire and practice using different escape routes. Use blind folds or turn the lights out to pretend that there is heavy smoke conditions. Make your drills as realistic as possible.
If a fire occurs, immediately put your escape plan into action and try to alert everyone in the house.
Always feel the door before you open it! If it is hot, the fire is probably on the other side and you’ll need to find another way out.
When escaping a fire, always stay as low to the ground as possible. The higher you get, the thicker the smoke will be.
Call 911 after you get out. Never call while you are still inside.
Once you are outside, never go back in for anything. This is the job of the Fire Department.