Insurance Service Office (ISO) Rating

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) classification takes into account distances from fire stations, fire hydrants and the available firefighting water supply.

The purpose of the following information is for the determination of public protection classifications which is used to develop property insurance calculations. This survey was not conducted for property loss prevention or life safety purposes and no life safety or property loss prevention recommendations will be made.

General ISO Ratings Summary – Currently effective

ISO CLASS 4: Any address within the Grand Lake Fire Protection District.

GLFPD will not be providing fire hydrant distances. Customers that still desire this information will need to conduct their own site visit.

Fire District maps are available at

What is ISO?

ISO (Insurance Services Organization) is an independent statistical, rating, and advisory organization that serves the property & casualty insurance industry. ISO collects information on a community’s public fire protection and analyzes the data using a Fire Suppression Rating Schedule. ISO then assigns a public protection classification from 1 to 10. Class 1 represents the best public protection and Class 10 the worst or no protection. Home Owners and Fire Insurance premiums are based on the ISO Classification.

Apparatus information: