Mapping:  Through BLM and RMNP grant funding, GLFPD updated our maps to include GIS information.  We have also implemented new technology using an IPad for navigation.  In 2012, we completed a survey of our maps to ensure accuracy.  The end result will allow us to find addresses faster, coordinate incoming resources, and better protect our community.

Wildfire Mitigation:  By offering free defensible space site surveys and public education, GLFPD facilitates the mitigation of homes and property.  This issue has become a priority with the extensive mountain pine beetle infestation within our district boundaries.  The Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) offers a positive, solution-oriented plan that addresses challenges such as local firefighting capabilities, the need for defensible space around homes and subdivisions, and where and how to prioritize land management on both federal and non-federal lands.

Fire Prevention Program:  Each October in coordination with National Fire Prevention Week, GLFPD hosts a community open house and BBQ.  Most emergency response agencies are represented with fire safety messages.  Each year we provide attendees with information and fire-related prizes.

Evacuation Planning:  Due to the pine beetle infestation in our forests, the danger of a large scale forest fire is higher than normal.  The Grand Lake Fire Protection District works closely with other local organizations to create an “all risk” response to the need for a large scale evacuation of our community.

Wildland Deployment Program:  In 2013, Grand Lake Fire purchased a Type 3 Wildland Engine, E369.  During wildland fire season, our Type 3 and Type 6 wildland engines are available on the federal callout program to assist other districts.  Staffed by Volunteers and/or Paid firefighters, we respond to the Western states primarily, however, we are available to respond nationwide. The District has strict criteria for when our trucks and crews are available and when, if conditions in our district warrant, we pull them from the Wildland availability callout program. This deployment program provides valuable experience to the firefighters along with a revenue source for the fire district.

Public Education Program:  Free CPR and First Aid classes are held frequently and informational meetings regarding creating defensible space, fire mitigation, and evacuation are held.  Please call the station for available schedule.

Occupancy Preplans:  GLFPD has identified over 130 commercial or assembly type occupancies within our response area.  We have created preplans for our use in the event of an emergency response to that location.  Information gathered for use by the Incident Commander include a plot plan sketch of the property showing access and egress points, water supply, utility shut offs, building construction, emergency contacts and hazards to firefighters.

Grants:  GLFPD regularly pursue grant awards from both state and federal agencies.

Interagency Cooperation:  GLFPD has partnered with several agencies to provide our community with the best possible service.  Some of our partners include:

Rocky Mountain National Park

Bureau of Land Management

Colorado State Forest Service

United States Forest Service

Grand County Sheriff

Grand County Search and Rescue

Grand County Division of Natural Resources

Town of Grand Lake

And all Grand County Fire Departments